Lithko Restoration Technologies is more than just another company — We are quickly becoming the premier restoration company in the Midwest. We are not only about restoring structures — we're also about providing people an environment where individual actions and shared values are displayed daily in support of each other, our work teams, and our customers. It’s about providing superior quality and value to each customer, thus the individual’s self esteem is enhanced and generates greater personal meaning and purpose.

Each employee of Lithko RT is required to follow all ethical requirements as it relates to business. Each of us is committed to the following personal behaviors:

• Honesty
• Respect
• Understanding
• Patience
• Sensitivity
• Dignity
• Humility
• Kindness
• Affirmation

We are currently accepting job applications for skilled and general field laborers, tuckpointers and caulkers. Please complete the below form to submit your application online.

Floor Polishing/Coating Foreman
Cincinnati, OH  |  Full-time

Lead Concrete Finisher
Columbus, OH  |  Full-time

Concrete Restoration Foreman
Nashville, TN  |  Full-time

Masonry Laborer
Columbus, OH  |  Full-time

Waterproofing Technician
Columbus, OH  |  Full-time

Concrete Laborer
Columbus, OH  |  Full-time

Alternatively, you can download, print and complete the Employment Application and mail it with a copy of your resume to:

LRTF-01 Co-worker Application

Lithko Restoration Technologies
Job Application
990 N. Main Street
PO Box 569
Monroe, OH 45050


We offer equal employment opportunities to all parties without regard to race, religion, age, sex, national origin or handicap. The use of this form does not mean that there are positions open and does not obligate Lithko Restoration Technologies, LLC in any way. This application will remain on active file for a period of no more than 30 days from the date of receipt. Incomplete or inaccurate data on this form could result in rejection as a candidate or subsequent dismissal if employed.





Start with present and most recent positions. You may include military service, summer positions and volunteer work experience.

In exchange for the consideration of my job application by Lithko Restoration Technologies, LLC, (hereinafter called "the Company"), I agree that;

Neither the acceptance of this application nor the subsequent entry in to any type of employment relationship, either in the position applied for or any other position, and regardless of the contents of employee handbooks, personnel manuals, benefit plans, policy statements, and the like as they may exist from time to time, or other Company practices, shall serve to create an actual or implied contract of employment, or to confer any right to remain an employee of Lithko Restoration Technologies, LLC, or otherwise to change in any respect the employment-at-will relationship between the Company and myself, and that relationship cannot be altered except by a written instrument signed by an Officer of the Company. I understand and agree that if hired, my employment is for no defined period and may, regardless of the date of payment of wages and salary, be terminated at any time without any previous notice or specified reason at the discretion of either the Company or myself. If employed, I understand the Company may unilaterally change or revise their benefits, policies and procedures and such changes may include reduction in benefits.

I acknowledge that the information I have furnished is correct to the best of my knowledge and understand that falsification of the information could be grounds for disciplinary action to include retraction of employment offer or dismissal if employment has taken place. I authorize investigation of all statements and information contained in the application (and accompanying resume, if any) and authorize persons, schools, and current employer (unless otherwise indicated), all previous employers, references and others who provided relevant information that they may have, personal or otherwise, that may be required for the Company to arrive at any employment decision, and I release all parties from all liability for any damage that may result from the furnishing of information and hereby release the Company from any liability as a result of such contract. I understand that employment with the Company will be subject to the verification of the information I have provided in this application or any accompanying resume and that the misrepresentation or omission of facts called for is cause for dismissal at any time without any previous notice.

I agree to observe all present and subsequently issued personnel policies and rules. That I am to work faithfully, diligently and cooperatively, to be careful and to avoid accident, to come to work promptly, and I am not to be absent for any reason without prior notice to my supervisor. Policies are intended to guide the Company in its relationship with its employees and are not a contract of employment, and I do not construe them as such. I understand that if employed by Company, such initial employment and continued employment will be contingent upon my submitting to drug and / or alcohol abuse screening tests or other work-related tests requested by the Company. If lawful in the State where I work, these tests will be requested upon the start of employment and may be requested, at the discretion of the Company, from time to time during continued employment.

I further understand that any offer of employment by the Company is contingent upon the satisfactory review / completion of any substance screening testing and background investigation and / or a physical. I shall not be an employee of the company until I have completed to the satisfaction and approval of the Company, signed all employment documents including but not limited to providing evidence of U.S. citizenship or immigration / visa status allowing lawful employment. Further, I understand that if hired, such employment may be contingent upon my submitting to a physical examination to assure that I am physically able to perform the essential functions of the employment for which I am applying. All new employees are considered probationary employees for their 1st 90 days.