Meet Our Founder and CEO- Ken Baker

When speaking with various Lithko Restoration co-workers, everyone had nothing but amazing things to say about Ken Baker. When his brother Dan started Baker Concrete, he was there to help along with his 2 brothers at the young age of 17 and has done nothing but continue to grow in his experience and expertise ever since. He has done all things in life with the Lord and his family as his rock. Some co-workers explained that the reason Lithko Restoration has such a great environment and is a great company to work for is because Ken has always taken into consideration his people whenever making a business decision. He has always said that the people of the company are the life line and a vital asset to making the company work altogether. Coming from very humble beginnings shows that Ken has been exponentially dedicated to his business and people, which has resulted in a plethora of blessings in his career. Many say his unique prospective of ownership that he has learned through the good and bad has become a priceless asset to the company. Ken has an amazing wife, 3 wonderful kids, and 4 beautiful grandkids. Ken consistently brings positivity and drive into the office, which has created a fun and enjoyable work environment for all and we are grateful to have such strong leadership at LRT.

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