Over 30 Years of Experience and Quality Performance. 

Lithko Restoration Technologies is a descendant of Lithko Contracting, founded by Ken Baker in 1979 in St. Louis, MO. Ken relocated Lithko Contracting to the Greater Cincinnati area in 1990 where the company expanded in to new concrete construction and continued to move forward with an already successful restoration business.

In 2004, Lithko Restoration Technologies was created as a completely separate and independent entity from Lithko Contracting. With concrete restoration at the core of its business LRT has become a leader in the application of the latest technologies, materials and installation methods for the repair and preservation of concrete and masonry.

Lithko Restoration Technologies is State of Ohio Certified, Commonwealth of Kentucky Certified, State of Indiana Certified, and ABAA Certified. Drawing from our years of expertise to assist in the design and implementation of virtually any restoration project, we offer a full line of commercial and industrial restoration applications. All while giving a beginning-to-end approach for our clients that includes technical consultation, repair recommendations, and detailed budgeting information. We operate on the belief that technical excellence, service, and competitive pricing lead to success.

Living Out Our Shared Values

Since the founding of Lithko Restoration Technologies, we have always thought about restoration in the broadest context possible - it is our way of life.   Not only do we restore buildings and structures in an environmentally sustainable way, but we also bring hope of restored lives to many people in many ways. Some of our employees have learned new skills, finished their educations, and have been restored from debt while working for us. Others have made mission trips to use their skills to restore churches, orphanages and local villages. Every year, we give financially to support numerous organizations that help restore hope to individuals, families, neighborhoods, churches and communities in need around the world.

Mission and Vision

MISSION - To achieve excellence in restoring, protecting, and repairing the structures our customers use to live, work, and play. Our source for making this happen is an outstanding team of people guided by our values and focused on creating opportunity with a humble pride for ourselves, our families, and each other.

VISION - We seek growth that doubles our company’s size every 5 years by being the employer of choice for the best people in our industry.